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Surety bonds in Houston work like a contract. They protect one party against illegal actions by another party or failure to perform some action. Affected parties can get monetary compensation up to the penal sum of the bond.

There are three parties in all surety bonds. You are the principal, the entity being bonded. The obligee is the authority requiring the bond from you who wants protection. And the third party provides the bonding. TMD Surety Bonds is your Houston surety bonds expert!

Houston surety bonds protect the entity requiring the bond when the bonded business or contractor breaks the rules and causes damages. In that case, the party providing the bonding (the surety) will compensate the harmed party in a valid surety bond claim. Then, the bond holder must fully reimburse the surety.

Surety bonds make sure a harmed party is compensated quickly and fully for valid claims.

Types of Surety Bonds

TMD Surety Bonds has over 180 different Houston surety bonds. They break down into five major categories:

  • Commercial Bonds
  • Construction Bonds
  • License and Permit Bonds
  • Federal Bonds
  • Fidelity Bonds

The Most Common Surety Bonds

Bid Bonds

Bid bonds are designed for competitive project bidding, commonly found in the construction industry. A bid bond guarantees that contractors perform the work as outlined in the terms of the bid and according to the contract.

Bid bonds start with a cash deposit, which contractors forfeit if they fail to perform according to the contracted terms. If you successfully win a bid, you must also provide a performance and/or payment bond.

Bid bonds are FREE. Performance Bonds cost 3% of the total job with $0.00 hidden agency fees. To get your Houston bid bond, visit our bid bonds page for an application you can submit online today.

Get Your Bid Bond

TMD is Your Houston Surety Bond Professional

TMD Surety Bonds is a licensed surety bond producer who has quickly become the leading experts on Houston Title Bonds. Our mastery of the title bond is a prime example of our continual effort to assist the customer in obtaining their motor vehicle title.

You can rest assure and have peace of mind by choosing TMD Surety Bonds as your Insurance Agency to process your Houston surety bond needs. We work hard to maintain the trust of our customers and keeping our good name. We keep the surety bond cost competitive with NO EXTRA FEES so you can have a smooth time attaining your title bond in Houston. Our agency is contracted with the largest and most trusted surety bond companies in the business.

How To Get Surety Bonds

TMD Surety Bonds offers over 180 different surety bonds to help meet your business needs. Our bonds are fast, accurate and affordably priced. We are the bond experts in Houston, Texas.

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