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Over Axle & Over Gross Weight Tolerance Permit Bonds

Over Axle & Over Gross Weight Tolerance Permit Bonds

Texas over axle and over gross weight tolerance permit bonds guarantee that any damage resulting from the transfer of overweight loads or vehicles is covered.

Only $150.00 for the full year!

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Why You Need This Bond

Hauling oversized, overweight or wide loads creates a risk while traveling down the highway. Physical damages to roadways and other public property can financially impact state governments and the Department of Transportation.

The Department of Transportation issues permits for hauling overweight loads, which generally cannot be broken down into smaller loads in order to conform to legal limitations. Claims can be filed against the insured’s overweight bond if financial losses are suffered during the transport of these hauls.

However, overweight permit bonds do come with some limitations.

Load-Posted Bridges

If a bridge has a weight limit listed, even with an overweight permit bond, your vehicles may not cross it if your total weight is higher than the maximum weight posted. The only exception for this is if the bridges provides the only public road access on your route to and from your destination.

Our advice is to find an alternate route if possible.

Interstate Highway System

When you apply for your bond, you can pay a fee per county that you wish your overweight vehicles to travel through. Once you have paid, you are now able to drive your vehicles on all county roads and state-maintained roadways in those paid for counties. This excludes all roads that are part of the Interstate Highway System, since those roads are maintained by the federal government, and not the State of Texas.

Over weight permit bonds are annual permits. So when your year is coming to a close, give us a call at TMD Surety Bonds. We’ll help you make sure that you get the best bond rate available.

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